Abnormal 2004

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Now You See It



"Now You See It"

Original short story written by Abnormal 2004.

A magic show goes horribly wrong when the amateur magician doesn't know how to bring back the items he has made disappear... Until they find a spell to bring back what has been lost...


Themes: pregnancy, belly expansion, 1st person, large belly, magic,


"Now It's Not Over Yet"

A short story written by Zed after reading 'Now You See It'

Dr Xeron has gotten his hands on the magical book and tests its powers on a helpless young victim. Inspired by "Now You See It"


Themes: pregnancy, lesbian, belly expansion, labour


"Now You See It Reprise"

A picture-set rendered by Zed for Abnormal 2004

Themes: pregnancy, belly expansion, breast expansion, kicks, XL belly


Contains: HTML file 'Now you see it', HTML file 'Now it's not over yet', .Zip file containing 18 PNG Images. Cover Image

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