About... Well... Me I guess... and my art

About my art

My art is made mostly in DAZ Studio.

Currently on version 4.5 and FREE to download and use... You can get all kinds of free stuff online too, not to mention various shops.

The money I made from commissions allowed me to by all the cool stuff you see in the pictures, as well as buying me the time to customise textures, learn new techniques and eventually (working on it) make my own content to use and sell to those who want it.

Check the Links page for more info

I want to invite other artists to sell their hard work (no pun intended of course...) but I don't expect everyone to make their own website... So I am offering to host a 'buy here'  button and description for other artis' work. Please contact me to find out more.

The History

It all began... Err... some time ago that I can't remember the exact date of.


Insert childhood sob-story of 'I think I'm into something strange and I can't talk to anyone else because of social requirements' and other such nonsense... Sure, it's true, but I didn't worry about it that much. It's what I was into and the hell if that seemed to be changing any time soon so what the hey...


A few years of playing with pictures I found in magazines, scanning them in and morphing them in Photoshop... writing awful little stories with one hand on the keyboard and even drawing a few... worse quality than the writing at that time...


Actually, it started in high-school when I found Inflate 123's Video Vault of Inflatable Fetishism.

Although, Inflate 123 is more of a BE fan (and a good writer) I am a fan of the bellies... No idea why, but knowing why won't exactly enlighten my life so I'm not going to stress it...

Instead, I found myself content in knowing that I was not only one of many, that these many had talent!

Ylantra did 3D animations in Poser of the Kitana character from Mortal Kombat. It was watching those animations that I realised I wanted to have a go!


Not long later, I was using a program called DoGa.

DoGa, being made by these awesome Japanese dudes, made a program that not only simplified all the 3d stuff, but also started you off rather like lego!

You had all these neat parts and all you had to do was put them together!

Sure, not so great for pregnancy-based expansion fetishism... but it was a start. Texture work, lighting... all that fun stuff.

Kept me quasi-sane through college too...


Well, I was now host to a whole slew of desires and was shamelessly trying to achieve them... on the way; I had made a Myspace for my alter-ego (Zededd) and was quite happily morphing anything someone threw at me.

It wasn't long before things got... interesting...


In the space of one year, I lost 600 gig of work; I started using DAZ, got a Deviant Art account, nearly got sued and started on the path to becoming a 'Real Artist'


I bought myself an external hard-drive (seagate) and transferred everything I wasn't currently working on to it... when it came to actually using it again though... it would not open! That really sucked... 600 GIG! That's seriously uncool!


I was getting all kinds of requests, when someone came up and asked why there was a picture of them on my Myspace. I said that, as far as I knew, it was of 'so-an-so's' girlfriend and he told me it was ok...

No... It wasn't ok...

I got a letter turn up, trying to sue me for illegal alteration of a copyrighted image... what's worse; this was for a whole SLEW of morphs...

I pointed the lawyer at the person who gave it me, supplied a transcript of the conversation and removed the images... The fun of copyright


Finally getting an account at DA (Deviant Art), I decided to upload all the random little renders I'd been making.

Now... prior to contrary belief, I’m not a fool... I know that DoGa didn't look so hot for people but it was awesome for guns... I wasn't uploading the guns... So, I uploaded my new and awkward DAZ renders. A character I unimaginatively called 'DAZ Ella'.

Not long after, a fellow deviant called ZeWhatcher gave me a premium membership!


Premium... that was the thingy you had to spend money to get! That meant that this guy, a practical stranger for the time I’d known him, just spent actual real-life money on me...

Crap... that means I've gotta get good! Better work hard and make something of myself to thank him... hopefully repay the favour some day!


Then comes a strange bout of making all kinds of things. My first ever commission. My first ever comic... First ever movies.

Finding out how to re-format the movies... eventually reaching the tragic, fateful day...


Every so often, one of my works was pulled... I asked why, they just told me to read the message that came with it. That message usually said '"deviation name' was removed because it violated the Deviant art terms and conditions"...

But when a piece was pulled for the character being under-age, I got angry. The character was NOT under-aged for the entirety of their original context, it was NOT portrayed as under-aged in the product and no matter what I said, it was made perfectly clear that they were not going to change their mind and therefore would use any amount of ambiguity in the rules to their own preference!


Right... well, I've had enough of that!

So. I left DA!

Now, I'm making this site so that I can show off my new work, sell the stuff that I’m charging for and hopefully... even start learning a thing or two...

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About Me

Well, I guess there's no harm in telling you that Zedorick Xane Edoory is an Alias.

Yes, there's a large story behind it. No, my real identity isn't some stange secret. Sure, if you want to know either, you can ask and i'll happily tell you.

I preffer to be known as Zed while I do this because I always have. I've always been known as Zed or Zededd when working with adult material and my real-life stuff is... well... let's be frank: booooooorrrrriiiiiiiiing!

So, you just get the cool, half-mech dude you'll see wandering around the site. None of the boring, mild-mannered real-life dude... except in the inheireted mannerisms that my avatar has adopted