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If you have a suggestion for a concept, a reccomendation for a change in anything, a complaint with anything or even just want to say 'hi', I'd appreciate it

Review Rules

When submitting a review for any zed-made product, there are a few rules you need to follow. I've had a few people send 'I liked it, it was good' and expect a free comic for it.

 At the moment, I (Zed) am the only artist offering review rewards. Please contact the artist in question if you want to see if they will do the same.

  • You need to say it's a review
  • It needs to be at least 50 words
  • Written or translated to english (if english isn't your first language, I may ask if I can add relevant grammar, but not change the meaning of the review)
  • Have half-way decent grammar (correct word usage, commas and full stops etc. Again, translations may vary)
  • Relate to one specific product (can't review all products in one... ask about reviewing a series, it may be possible)
  • Be honest. It doesn't always have to be good. This is what people will see when about to buy it: if you thought it sucked, say why.

If I don't think a review is good enough, I might ask some questions to add to it so I can use it.

Alternativley. you can send a short testimonial to be included on the site. There is no specific reward other than karma and my liking you... that said, I am more likely to offer gifts to people who give testemonials than those who don't.

If I think your testemonial is fantastic, I may just try to make you a little somthing to say thanks.