Job Opportunities

This is where any vacancies or job openings will be posted.
If you want to have something posted here, please send me an email at or use the contact page

Free-Lance Artist / Model / Filmaker

(get paid for your work)

If you have a product to sell, be it pictures, voice clips, stories or movies (anything digital basically) then you can have your own page on this website to sell your work.

I won't charge you ANY kind of commission or fee, but I will add 10% on to the final price the customer pays to cover paypal fees when I send you your money, dropbox space and making the website.

To apply, you can use the contact form on the 'Contact Zed' or Welcome Page

To qualify, you need to be able to supply:

A paypal address

Digital work (Can't really offer much in the way of shipping. sorry)

What we are accepting:

Pinup (drawn, digital and photgraphed)

Script-reading (Either on commission or by submission)

Movie and webcam (content is up to you, but know your audience)

Explicit material (drawn, digital and photgraphed. Only ever as far as you want to go)

Image description

Web Designer

The gallery, forum and even this website need work and I know nothing about web design. I am always on the lookout for anyone who can offer any assitance or wants to join in full-time.

Obviously, this is a paid position, but there may not be anything needed for long periods.

Image description

Voice Actress

I (Zed) am looking for a woman who is happy to put a voice to my movies.

This is a paid position and is either paid: per voice clip or commision on sales. Your choice.

Once a contract is drawn up (I no rip you off, you no rip me off etc) I will send you a movie with either a script or suggestion of dialogue (mostly moans, groans and gasping).

Your 'job' will be to record your sound in time to the movie and send the file to me. I will do any editing needed and combine the sound with the video.