Links to other relevant sites.

If you want me to link to you, email me from the 'contact' page and I'll have a look. If it's relevant then I will add you to the list

My free gallery. The Z at the top of this site is also a link, but just in case you missed it, here it is again.

Free to join, but you need to ask if you want to submit work to it. I am keeping tabs on it at the moment

The forum is open and ready for action!

Contains discussions for products, as well as pages to post stories, roleplays or even suggestions for artists.

My Deviant Art page... Although i'm not updating it any more, it has my entire back-gallery of works and commissions. Including my movies. Feel free to go check it out.

My twitter page. Used mostly for updates and releases of new products.

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Other artists' websites

(Please send me a message from the contact page if you want your wesbite featured here)

VavavOOm! A great flash-artist making a very fun and addictive game! Constantly updating and soon, comming to your mobile!

A truly gorgeous woman with a sexy tummy she just loves to grow

Youtuber, bloggger and belly-enthusiast!

Stormr's website. Gallery and forum both there. Check it out!

Some excellent adult games. 2D and 3D and, as the website says "detailed erotic action"

An incredible text-based game set up by Fenoxo! I highly reccomend it but warn you: this game has a bad habbit of leaving you wondering why everyone else seems to think it's eight hours ahead... and the sun is comming up... oh dear...

Olympic Dames's website. A great artist with a good sense of humor and an excellent comic to enjoy

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Lipucd's Adult games are an excelent inspiration and a great way to kill a few hours! Subscribe to his twitter for updates.

The blog of Mattis. An excelent flash-game designer with a head for the more in-depth aspects. Worth a visit, but beware, the game 'King of Porn City' might steal away hours of your life at a time!

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Useful websites I reccomend

HostGator is the hosting site I bought this website through. The process was simple and painless and, although it took a little learning to make the website as awesome as you see it now, there's all these GREAT tools that make it so much easier!