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Working as a makeshift self-defence teacher, Kumi tends to go by her first name and doesn't let many people know her last. This means that very few people know what her identity is. This is probably because of several trust issues based on a sordid past.

She has been known to occasionally disappear for a few days when feeling bothered.

She can be kind, but if people annoy her, she will not waste her time with them for long. She is a passionate lover and has been known to occasionally injure her partners

It is believed that she briefly took up being a costumed vigilante, but after an incident following several men incapacitating her… and removing that costume; it seems she’s had her fill. Of crime-fighting also.


She likes: sweet foods, cold water with ice and lemon and practicing self defence

Kids: "with the right person... but they'll have to defeat me first"

"Whoever caught me will regret it!"