Zed's Reveiwer's Room

Thank you very much for your review of my work. I appreciate it a lot.

To show you just how much I appreciate it, here's a few of the lovely ladies that I have been 'working with'.  Since you've been so helpful, I'm going to let you decide what I should do to one of them!

-Dr Xeron

Image description

These four ladies are ours to play with. What do you think we should do?

Obviously, I have an army to breed, so that's pretty high on my list... but it gets so repetitive. Any suggestions?

Here's the tools I currently have to play with:




Ropes, Chains and other such restraints

Me (just because I’m a Doctor, doesn't mean I can't enjoy my work, right?)

The Sisters


One of my 'pets'

Impregnation Beam (still testing...)


From here, I'll make one (or more) pictures of the girl you choose in the situation you chose. If I can't do it, or want to discuss it, I’ll be emailing you with the address you provided. (if i REALLY like an idea, I might ask to use it for something)

Once it's done, it will be mailed to you and published in the Zeds Labs Gallery.

I am trying to find a balance of what to do with the image publicly. Suggestions are welcome.