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To save time, effort, date and all manner of mess-ups, i'm using Twitter to send out my updates.

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  • Zededd2000

    You know you have been single too long when you wonder if the person you just animated would ever date someone 'like you'...

    4th June @ 19:17
  • Zededd2000

    happy 'well done for conceiving day' in the USA :D What? Mothers Day sounds kind of lame after a while. Anyway: SMU… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

    14th May @ 16:44
  • Zededd2000

    @Rampant404 Wow... and I'm not even offering porn in return for a change :D I'm totally in the wrong job!

    13th April @ 20:51
  • Zededd2000

    @Rampant404 I'm totally real. Incidentally, you have won this weeks sweepstakes. Send 29.99 to this bank account to receive your winnings

    13th April @ 20:44
  • Zededd2000

    I refund them if I see it, but if you accidentally re-buy a product, let me know and I will refund as soon as I verify it :)

    30th March @ 18:25