Chair 2

The newest captive of Dr Xeron slumbers through the 'biggest' part of her imprisonment, but soon wakes to realise what he is doing to her...


Mechanical tentacle-like arm

Belly expansion

Breast expansion

Kicks / belly movement

Sci-fi restraints

Unaware / Unconcious

Pleasure / presure


Three 21-second long movies.

Each movie is a different angle of the expansion. two moving and one static and all voiced.

One 37-second long edit, using all angles and a few editing tricks to slow it down and increase the length.

Dr Xeron wants to try something a little more pleasurable... Even if his test subject is sedated, no harm in making sure she enjoys herself...

Setting the macnhine to oscilate as it administers the formula, he sits back to enjoy the show.

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People who bought Chair 2 had this to say about it:

Once again Zed has released a new video in great quality and what we know and love his products for and I can say he wont disappoint you, the new video is a continuation of: The Chair products. Chair 2 video is a big improvement over the first one and rendered and textured way better.
A trapped hottie gets impregnated and yeah you can guess what happens after if you have seen Zeds other products but in this video it is more detailed and well done than before and also edited better and giving you multiply viewing choices. Even her sex organ is well detailed and nice motion to it, her belly grows nicely and so does the breasts. One thing I love is how you dont notice the breasts grow until you stops up and look and compare it to the start of the video, just like how it should be: Breasts should grow slowly and discretely while the belly steals the show.
At the end of the video whatever what is inside of her starts kicking and its fun to see her belly move around and especially see her awake and see her facial expressions and at the end it is hinted a coming labour is coming up and her face looks to be in slight pain. The drawback with the video is that it is a bit short and the belly movement and other than belly expanding it hasnt that much to show. But it is well worth the money and is a great video and if you liked Zeds other products you will love this one!