Chair 3

The longest of any Chair movie. Uber rendered for quality and extended again and again because I was not happy with how short it felt. I kept deleting and extending parts. four and a half minutes long this now includes kicks, tensing muscles and a moving birth! I'm pretty proud



Something OTHER than some skinny caucasian. Muscular African woman!

Large pregnancy

Breast growth





Super high rendered



Just ONE .mpg file 4:28 long

oh, front cover and note from me too

Dr Xeron's latest victim. Restrained in one of the chairs and already impregnated, she starts to wake as the pressure builds. Even her strong muscles can't hold the growth back as the pregnancy progresses... kicking? then... contractions!

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It had some good things and some things that I think needed improvement. Feel free to use this as a testimonial if you want, as well! Firstly, the good things. The expansion was great- just a little large for my standards, but still a great size. The belly movement near the end was also awesome (I found myself wanting more). Also, I really loved the way you had the camera move during the animation, as well as the details you put into the rest of the model (I.E her toes curling, and her facial expressions). It really made the piece seem more real. As to the areas of improvement, it does have a few. But only a few. Firstly, the animation seemed to be a little slow. I doubt this was my computer or net speed, since it sped up near the end, but especially at the beginning and middle of the movie I felt rather impatient with it. Secondly, the crotch area was dark- and I was hoping to get a good view of her cunt as the movie played out; Granted, this actually has a purpose at the end of the movie, but it would still have been nice to see her vagina during the process. And speaking of the 'end' of the movie, I personally think that the birth was way too short. It was good, and well animated to be sure, but I was hoping to see more- especially with a belly size that large! One last thing in the area of improvements (and I know that you are working on this): sound. I know you don't have a voice actress, but other sounds like squishing or gurgling or stretching noises would have given it an added touch. You'd be surprised what sound can do! Overall, it's a great movie though. I'm a huge fan of pregnancy stuff, pregnancy expansion, and also athletic girls getting pregnant (a bonus for me in this movie). The nitpick negatives I have are easily overshadowed by the quality of the piece, as well as the fluidity of the animation. Good work! I'd give it a 8/10! (and I'm a real preg snob, heh). Keep up the good work, and I will definately be back for more! -Grey Blacksock