Eggsactly What It Looks Like

One of Dr Xeron's playthings is tested to her fullest.

Restrained to a table, she is first impaled on a long egg-tube... the shock makes her black out for a moment, only to awake and descover that she is being filled relentlessly with eggs! She can't escape, and before she knows it, something is happening to these eggs... they are hatching inside her!


  • Restraints
  • Eggs
  • Reluctance
  • Hatching
  • Belly kicks / movement
  • Egg-deformation inside the stoamch
  • Birth
  • Labour
  • passing out


  • One 2-minute, 21-second MPEG-format movie  
  • Full-Size cover image

This is a test of the new 'Review Reward' girls. She is girl 3 out of four (at the moment) and, because I wanted to show her off, I made a movie of an idea a close friend sent me while testing the site.

Now, once you have got the free comic for reviewing, you will be sent to the reviewers room when you make a review of any product!.

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