Fair-y Treatment

A small, magical pixie... that has been captured and impregnated with something much bigger than anything her little body has experienced before!



Huge pregnancy

Belly expansion

Breast expansion

Kicks / movement



2:04 long .Mpeg-format movie.


Full size cover image

Additional 44-second loop of the belly movement at the end of the movie, requested by Nitemare99

Once again prooving that the best time to make stuff is 2AM...

Following feedback that people would like to see movies around two minutes long.

Also, following some dubious feedback that people prefered one movie to several... I am seriously unsure about that, but it's less work for me I suppose...

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Peple who bought Fair-y Treatment said:

This was a well made movie. Her expression were great and showed her shock and discomfort. The slow growth gives you time to take in and enjoy ever inch that she gains. The kicks and movements at the end are very well done and lets you know there is really something in there. Her show of confidence at the end is just awesome. So if you enjoy pregnancy, breast and belly growth, and belly movements then this movie is worth a buy.

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"Fair-y Treatment" is an entrancing animation. The fairy character, which stars in this movie, is extremely stunning and adorable, her form lithe and appealing, and her wings very prettily draped behind her. Her figure, which changes slowly and beautifully throughout the animation, is very well thought-out and alluring. Her almost perfect facial expressions compliment the growth of her stomach and her overall predicament very well indeed, and the sudden, seductive expression (as well as the spreading of her wings) at the end really draws in the viewer and pleases two fetishes at once in such a short time, the want for denial and panic at first to the pleasured want for more at the end. 
The graphics of the animation is very pleasing, the smoothness of her skin and softness of her features, makes the animation a very attractive. The light and shadow involved adds great depth to the animation.
Overall this is a wonderful animation. The animation flows well and is teasingly slow and gentle, allowing the viewer to see every stretch, swell, kick and bulge of the stomach as well as the conbimed growth of the bust. It is very enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing, and very recommended.

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I want start with the disclaimer that I thought this whole clip was fantastic and super well done, and all the points I bring up are pretty minor against it.

I really liked the whole set-up, with her bound to a little ornament, especially since I've always had a thing about the thought of expansion happening to a fairy sized fairy.

If I had one complaint it would be that there's nothing really to show the scale around her, but knowing she's a fairy makes that less important.

Choice of her head movement and moans, especially when there's that big final growth spurt, is perfect, and portrays how she's feeling really well.

Lighting is stunning, with everything casting a shadow, including her, which is quite impressive considering the amount of movement there is!

Finally, I noticed her head movements seemed slightly sluggish, and was wondering if this is just a consequence of having to move her growth at a slower rate? It wasn't really a jarring problem but was slightly noticeable.