Granger Dungeon

The 70-page comic explaining what is happening to poor, innocent Granger while Witch Hazel is out there, trying to ruin her reputation




Rapid preg growth

Breast enlargement

Sandman sex


Reluctant pleasure


the 70-page comic

82 textless, alternate and bonus images (this includes the textless comic)

also includes a random trivia-txt for those of you who are curious about the details behind this.

While Hazel is trying to destroy Granger's reputation, granger is locked in a dungeon, held there by a magial ward...

However, something has been attracted to the young witch...

(This should also be considered as chapter 7 of Wich Hazel)

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People who bought Granger Dungeon said:

This comic might be recognized by some who has followed zed on Deviantart since some of the pictures has been shown there but they were few and what you get in this comic is a lot more of it, but to any newcomer, should you get it or not?

Well first of all this is a pretty long comic with story and well done pictures so in short: Hell yes, the long answer:

This comic takes place after Hazel has been locked up in her dungeon while her copy is out doing harm, while she is trapped there something finds her first and uses her which she dont discover until later when everything is too late which she notices by her body changing.

The rest should be easy to guess out and can only say one word: this is damn well made!

From the start to the end it is well written and put together and works for most readers.

The pictures itself and layout is as I said great, first of all: All pictures are rendered very well and details as her skin and even nipples and face have deep details and the clothes looks natural and with the effects used to make them look worn, stretched etc it still looks natural and not faked as many pictures might do from other artists. So nothing really to complain about in details department.

The bad side is that some pictures might be a bit censured and what i mean with that is that some pictures shows the process from angles where you cant see exactly the interesting details to put it nicely, show us more! I guess the reason would be it is easier to show it on websites with not too much sexually oriented picture.

Other than that its a great comic and if you like this type with women and breasts, pregnancies amongst many other things for adults then you should get this!

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To start, this set was well worth the weight, errr wait. The storyline makes sense in the Harry Potter Universe with the rare and elusive serpent.
While the background is a little shaky to me as to why Hermione is in the dungeon and I honestly have no idea who Hazel is, but that could be because I never read the books. I only know from hearsay and the movies.

The images are well made and show great contrast in color and lighting. The movement of the scant clothing as Hermione goes through her changes is fantastic; the material growing thinner at the correct times before ripping completely.

I love the earlier stages of her growth the most, there are a few images later on where the belly looks, just plain ridiculous, mostly images 64-67. I do not blame Zedded for this; it appears to be something that happens at very large sizes within DAZ.

Overall this is a great set, well worth the cost and fun to read/look at. The face of the model looks very much like the actress from the movies.

Great job Zededd. Thanks for the great set.