Happy Birthday

Dr Xeron has captured a model he saw in a magazine... She is a pretty young woman, but a little... flat? He leaves her to wake up, but leaves her a little friend to keep her company.





Reluctant pleasure

Pleasure brainwashing (and ahego)

Baby movement

Tentacle impregnation



Birth denial


Regular sex

Breast growth


XXL Belly

Tentacle incest (not sure it counts)


271-page comic (with text and special effects)

271 Raw textless images

Full-size cover image

Al images are in Lossless PNG format, 1100 X 1000. There is no background (for ultimate low-file-size)

This comic was actually the TEST renders! by page 5, i should have stopped and gone on to make the real one... but I got caught up with the poses and expressions... before I knew it, i was thirty pages in and starting to enjoy the comic myself...

The actual comic I was going to make turned out to be awful, the test was over 200 pages... I deleted the comic this was a tester for and focussed on it instead.

It might be a little eclectic; while making it, I had all my previous comics in mind. "ooh, people said they really liked that bit, let's try to make this a little like it" was my catch-phraise...

Thankfully, I didn't let this get as ambitious as I had planned... I was going to make a moving mouth scene, blinking eyes and squirming belly for a monologue scene... but chose to instead, keep the price lower and get on with it...

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People who bought Happy Birthday said:


"Its the belie that got me bigger and bigger and Biggest Liked how the story was not rushed if it was 100 pages it would not be as good Nice and Slow. At the end of the story two nurses show up o boy more fun.Can't wait for the story to continue ...."

"Happy Birthday is an Eggcellent breediful treat. It is filled (pun intended) with a brilliant variety of camera angles and well thought-out detailed touches that should not be overlooked. The text is easy to read, the plot is simple but effective and great fun to follow, and the extra little effects for some scenes add a perfect mixture of depth, character and emotion where it counts the most."