Tentacle Girl

A college student comming home after a tennis match decides to take a shortcut home to try and get there before dark...




Rapid growth


'Schoolgirl' style

Anime shape

High quality render


File list:

One .Zip file that contains:

27 .Png files

23 of them are the story

3 bonuses with different sizes

The full-sized cover-image

All images are rendered in 2,000 X 1,500 (4:3) scale

Once again, the result of me testing an idea and then deciding to render it...

Useless trivia. I actually started at the middle of this, then had to go back to the beginning and render the start... As a result, this is the only comic I have made that not only has no save file, but was made out-of-order.

Minor post-work for a hole in the scenery that I missed. Also, incase anyone is wondering, it's meant to get darker...